Plan Toys

Traditional Toy Store is proud to supply Plan Toys to our Australian customers. Plan Toys produce some of the most beautifully crafted wooden toys and also promote Sustainable Play with the adage ‘better kids, better world’.


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Plan Toys are produced using exhausted rubber trees that no longer produce latex. They ensure the wood is pure by not adding fertiliser for the last three years of the tree’s life and drying it in a chemical free kiln. Plan Toys also use organic colour pigment, water based dyes and non-formaldehyde glue; this avoids the use of chemicals and produces toys that are good for children as well as the environment.


Plan Toys is a carbon neutral company and employs eco-efficiency in its manufacturing process. In a year, Plan Toys will manufacture approximately 2.5 million toys, which releases around 2,500,000 kg of CO2; to counter this effect on the environment, Plan Toys planted over 9000 trees, which helped absorb over 2,700,000kg of CO2. In the past 8 years Plan Toys have planted over 40,000 plants on over 2000 acres in the Chiyaphhum province of Thailand.


Plan Toys also use the surplus wood pieces from production to power a bio mass generator, which produces electricity for the whole the factory and surrounding villages. Plan Toys also power their Children’s Museum with solar panels.


Along with using sustainable materials in an eco-efficient manufacturing process, Plan Toys has ISO accreditation to certify they are producing the best quality toys in the most environmentally friendly way.


ISO 9001 – certificate for achieving world-class product quality and service standards

ISO 14001 – certificate for environmental management


To see our full collection of Plan Toys click here.