The Animal Planet – Handheld Microscope has been thoughtfully designed with your exploring little scientist in mind. The pocket size microscope performs great observations indoors and outside too!

Curious little minds can explore the world around them at a microscopic level wherever they choose to wander with the Animal Planet – Handheld Microscope.

Animal Planet - 20x - 40x Handheld Microscope

$19.50 Regular Price
$17.60Sale Price
  • The Animal Planet – Handheld Microscope is perfect for encouraging your little scientist’s inquiring mind. This is the best tool for budding entomoligists and biologists who can make scientific observations of creepy critters wherever they find them! Perfect for developing a love of science and nature.

  • Animal Planet focuses on educational based TV shows and licensed products, Animal Planet has been known to encourage, incite and inspire a love of nature in young minds all across the world.