Buddy Balls Brown Puppy is a super cute puppy that turns into a ball

Buddy Balls are super fun plush toys that convert into bright coloured play balls. Buddy Balls were invented by kids for kids, and kids simply adore these awesome two in one toys. Multi award winning, Buddy Balls turn a cute soft toy into a fun sports ball, in the case of the puppy he turns into a red and blue soft ball.

Your Buddy Ball starts life as a super soft cute plushie, then you zip them back open and pull the ball around them to make a bright coloured soft playball. When your Buddy Ball is in plushie mode, you can use the zippered pouch on their back to store all your treasures. What a perfect toy for both bedtime and playtime !


  • Puppy is made from the softest plush materials available so as a bedtime pal he is really soft to cuddle.
  • The zipper on his back allows you to store your special treasures overnight or during the day so they don't become lost.
  • When you're ready to play, open the zipper on Puppy's back and pull the ball fabric around him and zip it up, get out there and have fun with your Puppy ball, it's tough enough to kick, throw or bounce but it's soft so won't hurt your little cousin when you bounce it of their head.
  • The Puppy is 16 inches tall (standing) and transforms into an 8 inch diameter plush ball

Buddy Ball - Puppy

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