The Plan Toys – Alphabet A–Z set consists of 26 colourful wooden tiles thoughtfully designed to develop your little one’s fundamental literacy skills. Each beautiful tile is two sided and features 26 capital letters and pictures of objects that correspond to that letter.

The tactile design of the tiles will encourage your little Shakespeare to trace their fingers over the letters and expand their vocabulary.

Suitable from 2 years+
Dimensions: 5.5 x 5.5 x 0.8 cm

Plan Toys - Alphabet A-Z

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  • The beautiful Plan Toys – Alphabet A–Z set will encourage your little ones to explore the alphabet through visual and tactile observation, expanding their fundamental language and communication skills.

  • The Plan Toys – Alphabet A–Z is made from exhausted solid rubber trees and Eco-Friendly PlanWood, dried in a chemical free kiln and painted using organic dyes. The sustainably sourced wood makes a gorgeous, alphabet A-Z set whilst being kind to the environment.