Top 5 selling educational toys

We reveal our top 5 selling educational toys over the Christmas period. The selection will help you decide which educational toys you need to boost your little one's brain power whilst providing hours of entertainment.​​​​

Melissa & Doug - Multi Craft Weaving Loom

  1. Melissa & Doug - Multi Craft Weaving Loom

Your little fashion designer will develop co-ordination and concentration whilst expanding their imagination and creativity with the Melissa & Doug - Multi Craft Weaving Loom. The requirement to use their hands allows for a more integrated learning experience as well as offering some practical life skills. Producing a beautiful weaving will boost your child's self-confidence, abilities and judgments.

Plan Toys - Workbench

2. Plan Toys - Workbench

Budding Engineers will love experimenting with the endless structural forms available with the Plan Toys - Workbench. The wooden building tools develop planning and logical reasoning whilst provoking imagination and creativity. The easily assembled pieces allow for a multitude of learning experiences which will boost fine motor and problem solving skills.

Plan Toys - Alphabet A-Z Puzzle

3. Plan Toys - Alphabet A-Z Puzzle

Help your little Shakespeare get a head start with their fundamental literacy skills with the Plan Toys Alphabet A-Z Puzzle. The tactile design allows your child to use tactile and visual observation. The corresponding letters and pictures develop cognition and language skills through learning symbolic representation. The wooden pieces allow your child to become familiar with one-dimensional print whilst practicing visual discrimination skills and learning to connect print to real objects.

Animal Planet - 4.5 x 40mm Binoculars

4. Animal Planet - 4.5 x 40mm Binoculars

Your little scientist will love making scientific observations wherever they choose to explore with the Animal Planet - 4.5 x 40mm Binoculars. The adjustable lenses develop concentration, fine motor skills and logical reasoning. The ability to observe nature from afar will promote a love of science and biology during a crucial stage of your child's learning.

Animal Planet - Dig It - Velociraptor

5. Animal Planet - Dig It - Velociraptor

Budding palaeontologists and archaeologists will develop cognitive skills such as problem solving, logical reasoning and planning. The practice of model building improves concentration whilst fostering manual dexterity through spatial play. The dinosaur theme promotes a love of natural history and a naturally inquiring mind.

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