Why We Love Engino

Mechanical windmill

Traditional Toy Store have recently introduced the Engino Inventor Model Sets and we thought we’d share with you why they are so awesome…

1) Engino Inventor was created by the experts specifically for education. Engino was invented by a teacher and engineer, so that students could experiment and learn about science in an easy, creative and fun way.

2) The Engino system is an ideal educational toy with limitless possibilities. Engino can be continually built on and developed to heighten your child’s creativity and imagination. All of the Engino sets can be combined to make an unlimited variety of models.

Model aeroplane

3) The Engino toy system can grow with your child. Traditional Toy Store offers both introductory sets and larger sets, which include motorised engines.

4) Engino is the ideal educational toy to excite your child’s interest in engineering. Engineering branches both science and technology and encompasses design, building, machines, engines and structures. Let’s start your child’s journey to building the high-speed space ships of the future.

5) Engino has won numerous awards for innovation and education, including the Academics Choice ‘Brain Toy’ and Dr Toys ‘Best Green Product ‘and ‘10 Best Educational Toys’.

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